EQuality Process strengthens the electronic component services offering
EQuality Process strengthens the electronic component services offering

EQuality Process specializes in providing Military, Aerospace, Medical and Industrial customers with electronic component quality assurance, procurement and long term storage services. EQuality Process supports industrial projects that have requirements for long-term electronic component supply that extend beyond the manufacturers traditional component life cycles. EQuality Process customers include leading global avionics and military manufacturers as well as industrial customers from a wide variety of regulated markets.

EQuality Process manages “End of Life” programs to support critical product life cycle requirements in the Military, Aerospace, Medical and Industrial markets by consolidating market requirements to more accurately forecast “End of Life” demand and bulk purchasing, allowing the manufacturer to liquidate their product stock holdings. EQuality Process provides Credit and Supply Management to the market. EQuality Process meets strategic supply needs for the market’s ongoing board assembly and component use programs. EQuality Process implements stringent quality inspection and compliance procedures to assure your supply of critical components in the long term.

Diminishing Supply Programs

  • Negotiated Price Savings
  • Financial Benefit
  • Supply Management
  • Program Continuance Assurance
  • Applicable to Existing EOL Asset Base
  • Immediate Release of Funds

  • End of Life (EOL) Solutions: We will procure your material direct from the manufacturer and store the parts over the lifetime of your program.
  • Inventory Buy Back: EQP will buy your existing EOL inventory for cash up front today. You decide when you will require the parts for production.


Email Craig Zurman - VP of Business Development for a presentation on how we can provide your company assurance of supply.


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Lockheed Martin has utilized the services of EQuality Process, Inc. since 2008 and have found that the services rendered (counterfeit detection analysis) have been accurate and always completed in a timely manner enabling Lockheed Martin to meet its programs and customer’s needs.

Lockheed Martin
(Missiles & Fire Control)
JASSM Components Engineering

Hi Woody, Thank you for the report. It is a big hit over here at Fox! My boss understands the report and is taking your word on everything. Actually, he doesn’t have any new questions for you. He, as well as everybody here, is impressed with your work. We are glad to know you guys are there if we need more parts inspected. I am positive that my boss will be looking at more parts to be inspected in the future. Thanks again for your service with this recent report.

Have a great day!

Julie Balestreri
Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.
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